Guns and Comms: One Blast Can Be Deadly

LargestGunStudy091413I recently had a lunch meeting with a gentleman who runs a private security and investigation business. His personnel, well, they mostly wear black and carry large guns. So, not surprisingly, we talked quite a bit about guns. adidas stan smith And of course, the subject of “gun control” was so much in our face that the monitor showing CNN provided an almost constant reminder that there are those among us who might not be trusted with such instruments of destruction. Because yep, they crazy. chaussure timberland homme We all know that guns are dangerous. But I submit to you today, that they have a lot in common with marketing & communications even though most people don’t really stop to think about it. Here’s what I mean. Belstaff Womens Wax Cotton Both guns and comms: Require training or bad things can happen — Guns are complex, lost of moving parts and you want to know how each part works before you discharge them. mu legend items online So gun ranges offer training and often require completion of these courses to even buy or own a gun. Same with communications — just because you can, doesn’t mean you should and it takes years (usually of making mistakes) before you really know what you’re doing strategically. Plus, communications deals with many psychological aspects of human behavior and you’d better have memorized the owner’s manual for the human brain before you tread into those unpredictable waters. Produce recoil that can damage the user as much as the target – Ever fire a large shotgun? Chances are, the first time you did, you got quite a shock as the weapon smacked backward into your shoulder or chest. That’s recoil. Guess what, comms have recoil too — it’s called unsubscribes, ad blockers and just general brand distaste. adidas stan smith Belstaff Womens Jackets Oh yes, if you’re the ad stopping me from seeing my Jimmy Fallon clip, then I pretty much hate you and can’t wait to skip you. If you’re going for anger or hate, by all means, please interrupt the consumer from the content they want to view. nike tn pas cher Here ended the lesson. asics france air max 1 pas cher Communicators, you are wielding a powerful weapon. Treat it as such. asics gel lyte air max 90 pas cher Protect your audiences and your brand from improper usage and protect yourself from the recoil of not being ready when you decide to communicate. Asics Gel Lyte V When you do communicate, use lots of planning, careful consideration and a friggin’ laser sight to make sure you’re protected from what you’re about to do.