What You Do Isn’t Always Who You Are

whoareyouA vast majority of business to business marketing/communications is pretty God-awful. One thing I see over and over is how many companies just stop after they’ve factually described what they do. As if that’s the sum total of who they are and why you should care. And the “here’s what we do” approach is almost always self-centered and doesn’t take into account the idea that a company could be more if they were doing it…for you. nike air max 95 Based on your needs, your wants, your expectations. And your little mental picture of yourself that a brand can help to complete. That’s the challenge. How do you take an ordinary company doing ordinary things and make it extraordinary? I do it by seeing it from the audience’s perspective and seeing just how remarkable this company could be in the eyes of someone else. asics gel nimbus 18 soldes That’s also known as “branding.” Real branding where emotions get uncovered and transferred and exchanged like saliva at a Greek wedding. nike dynamo (Yes, I’ve been to some from my Macedonian side of the family). (Lots of stories and some broken plates). Do that. adidas zx 850 Be that. Adidas Gazelle Soldes You’re not just limited to what you do — you can be that great solution in the sky for someone needing exactly that solution at that time.