Why Aesop Disagrees with Facebook’s Latest Greedy, Dumb Move

Who doesn’t like eggs made of solid gold? Even better, what if you were fortunate enough to own a goose that actually laid them every day, giving you an unlimited supply of gold! Sound like a fable? Well, relax because it is. Almost. Facebook which has a billion+ users, something that no medium in the history of communications has ever attained. A big ol’ fat golden goose that keeps getting bigger and dropping out golden eggs. adidas original What could POSSIBLY go wrong here? Well, enter greed and his cousin-by-marriage, stupidity and you’ll see. Facebook announced today that it’s toying around with the idea of letting people OUTSIDE of your Friend list to message you for a fee. nike free You can almost see the farmer looking up the goose’s butt to see if he can get all the eggs out, right? Note to FB — STOP IT! You have a billion users, you’re selling ads — even soon-to-be-super-annoying ones that auto-play (really?) so you can get your greedy little hands on TV ad dollars. asics pas cher FB, you have more than enough. If you proceed down this road, you could very easily find yourself with no golden eggs because all of your users will go somewhere else. Oh, it can happen. adidas x People HATE spam, HATE spammers and HATE anything associated with it. Spam ruined e-mail and it could very easily ruin your little private message system inside FB too. Why? Because people HATE spam. (spam = anything I didn’t ask for from someone I don’t know) This holiday season, Facebook needs to count its blessings along with its golden eggs before it kills the goose and finds itself with nothing (I’m talking to you, old MySpace) As always, I want to know what YOU think. Drop me a comment. adidas stan smith Tell me your favorite Aesop fable and let’s discuss why anyone would name their child Aesop.