Just the Right Mix of Friends and Spam

Facebook is now in the process of rolling out a new “Pages” feed filled with nothing but promotional posts from marketers, you know, business pages on Facebook. asics whizzer Well, I predict this feed will be as popular and used as a tablet computer in an Amish settlement. When are marketers going to realize the simple yet profound truth of social media — WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU UNLESS YOU ARE INTERESTING. Marketers listen up:

  • You cannot buy your way into my feed
  • You cannot trick my friends into putting you into my feed (clever, but no cigar)
  • You cannot create a separate feed that I will check

YOU. MUST. BE. christian louboutin INTERESTING. And if you’re not, then you don’t deserve a place in my feed. It’s mean, it’s cruel, but it’s also sorta fair in its cruelty. So how do you make your content interesting enough to win a place in my feed? Welcome to the wonderful world of being a media company. It’s the battle that is fought in pitch rooms and bean bag chairs in real media companies every day. And it’s not easy. TV, radio, web companies must work 24/7 to make their stories, features and content more interesting than everything else while still balancing accuracy, integrity and of course speed of delivery. Not easy folks. Yes, in this new awesome world, you can own your content, push it out, build and audience and bypass the media. adidas superstar aliexpress But to do it, you have to be more relevant than they are, more creative than they are and also manage to run your actual business while doing all of this. It can be done, but it’s not for everybody. To win in social, you must think like a media company, an entertainment company. nike air max 1 And you must be interesting. Otherwise, you’re just more posts in a doomed Pages feed that no one will ever check. adidas femme If you want help making your content interesting, we do that and a lot more cool stuff like designing your social media strategy (good to have one) that will help your business.