Marketing Evils

5-superhero-movies-i-m-ashamed-to-admit-i-enjoy-480116There is true evil in this world, my friends. It waits in the shadows biding its time for the perfect moment to strike and inflict untold havoc on its innocent prey. I’m talking of course about marketing. (shudder) Think about it. Marketing has all but destroyed human communications as we know it. Don’t believe me? Here are some examples. asics chaussures Mankind invents the letter — marketing counters with junk mail and floods all of our mailboxes with untargeted, awful garbage — and that’s exactly where most of it ends up. Where is Wall-E when you need him? Mankind brings forth the telephone — marketing is there years later with telemarketing and is the single reason why most people have abandoned their land lines or don’t ever answer them. Also a big reason why marketers would rather introduce themselves as a male nurse rather than a “marketing professional” Mankind creates e-mail (you’ve got mail) — marketing, undaunted, is there with spam and entire new tools must be created and used just to keep it all away. Ridiculous. adidas superstar aliexpress Mankind designs the Internet and Web — marketing oozes all over it with unsightly banner ads, which are “re-targeted” at you until you either submit and buy whatever it is or block them from your screen (hating their brand all the while). acheter chaussures nike Mankind creates text messages — marketing is looking for ways in there, but hasn’t quite peed in that pool just yet. nike air max 2016 But just give ‘em time, right? Yes, irresponsible, awful marketing is responsible for the very breakdown of human communication and of course we have no one but consumptive culture and addictive ways to thank or blame. But, I will say, that not all marketing is evil and the difference lies in a simple choice. “Are you willing to risk your brand’s reputation and relationships to get sales in the short term?” If the answer is yes, you’re going to be moving over the Dark Side of the Force pretty quickly. If no, then you have the unique opportunity to do things better, to create better marketing that attracts people and doesn’t interrupt them. The kind that has credibility and trust and works hard every day to protect that trust. You’ll be one of the good guys.