Batman Would Use PR

bat-gadgets-2One of my favorite superheroes is Batman. Sure, he’s slightly unhinged due to the unfortunate way he lost his parents. adidas gazelle pas cher But Batman has weapons. First, he’s smart and typically just out-thinks the bad guys. Second, he has that amazing utility belt of gadgets, gizmos and toys designed to assist him in just about any situation. This is similar to marketing in 2013. Companies have big utility belts at their command. ugg australia classic Old standbys like advertising, direct marketing and the latest tech like social media content, optimized posts and mobile marketing. But nothing in the utility belts works like public relations. It’s the smoke pellet to the laser cutter or the explosive gel gun on the belt. adidas original It’s the thing that really works and really delivers return on investment like nothing else. But why does PR work so well. It’s simple: The majority of marketing is YOU talking about YOU in various ways. “Look at me, look at me — I’m different, I’m less expensive, I’m less filling and yet also taste great.” And PR is other people talking about you. USA Today says “Company X will change your life and make all of your dreams come true” Experts say that Company A is poised for a meteoric rise to fame and fortune that would make J.D. air jordan en soldes Rockefeller envious… In a world awash in spam, noise and clutter, third party endorsement whether it be from the media, analysts, experts, peers or someone from your social media universe, cuts through like a batarang. And that’s good PR — creating the ongoing relationships necessary so that other people (with influence) will talk about you in positive ways. Batman would use PR. Because it’s one thing to have a big belt of shiny tools. But it’s quite another to just get the job done with the right tool. Contact me and we can examine your company’s utility belt and see what needs to be on there and more importantly, what doesn’t. And I promise I won’t show up in my Batman costume.