Perfectly Selfish Trust

imagesThe t-word is a big one in human relationships and I actually end up writing about it quite a lot here in this blog and discussing it as core issue of marketing and communications. Why? Because before a customer will buy from you, they MUST trust you. If you don’t have trust, you have zero relationship and probably close to zero sales (at least for the long term). Trust is one of the most misunderstood elements of a relationship and usually by the truster. asics gel lyte 3 I’ve heard, “well you have to earn my trust,” and then once trust is broken, you hear “well, I’ll never trust them again.” Here’s a big eye opener for you. Trust is always given away. Without exception. It cannot be earned and it is always within the power of the truster to choose to trust. I do, however, love the arbitrary systems the human mind can create to somehow justify the “earning” of trust. This many points, that many de-merits, yada yada etc. adidas soldes But make no mistake that they are rationalization engines created and implemented by the mind to ease the fear and uncertainty, and doubt, of trusting another person….or a company. adidas zx 750 Because trusting is scary. It makes us vulnerable and it’s risky. So if trust is just given, then how is a company to “earn” it. Well, that’s a tough one, but the best any company can do is to keep its promises, treat the customer fairly and be remarkable at whatever you do so as to create that passionate following. And tell your story well so everything leads back to that remarkable customer experience. The company’s behavior can’t be one thing and its marketing be another. They are connected. You can’t dump toxic sewage and have an FAQ statement that claims you are environmentally responsible. nike requin Marketing is good, but it’s not mind control and as we say at Robertson Communications: in branding…EVERYTHING counts. And that’s why branding is so hard to do correctly for so many companies. nike pegasus If you have questions about the core issues that may be keeping your company’s brand in conflict with itself, give me a shout. All you have to do is trust me.