Your Life’s Work

This subject has come up twice in the past week for me. Once when I read Don Henley’s quote about Glenn Frey talking his “life’s work” and again when a colleague said “listen, I know PR is your life’s work, but do you ever feel like you’re pushing against the ocean with all of this, marketing is evil stuff?” Your life’s work. Interesting phrase. adidas zx flux pas cher And it got me thinking a bit about the choices we make and how it guides our reputation and this concept known as our life’s work. First, I do want to say that I hope my life’s work is really just getting started since my own company, RobertsonComm, is now only four years old. And like any four-year-old, it’s glorious to watch grow, but has its moments of sheer horror and surprise, both good and bad. I’ll take it. ugg pour homme If I had to categorize it, I’d say my life’s work is about helping and entertaining people and the way I do that is through better marketing, PR and branding done with a good sense of humor and some talent here and there. asics pulse soldes I don’t take myself too seriously and I hope to be an example that doing this, no matter what you’ve been taught is “correct,” can really work well. nike blazer It’s actually more “real” than a varnished approach to communications and in case you missed it, real is “in” right now. I believe that marketing can and should be better. It really has to get better or the audiences will find ways to simply tune it completely out in the coming years. You can already see it happening re: web ads, TV and radio ads, e-newsletters, social posts and even mobile ads. Marketing should work to be useful and great enough to attract an audience and deliver a message rather than being an interruption delivered to an audience that clearly would rather not be bothered. And marketers everywhere need to get on this program, right now, while there is still time to save communications from this torrent of horrific marketing practices.