Why Bad Media Coverage is Bad

338309_10151216535246006_878855590_oMaster showman P.T. Barnum is often quoted as saying “there is no such thing as bad publicity.” Meaning that as long as you are being talked about in some way, it’s a good thing. And as Oscar Wilde added years later, it’s better than NOT being talked about. Well, I do love the circus (and Irish plays), but I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with P.T. and Oscar on this one. Adidas Soldes And I’ll give you five instances were NO media coverage is better than bad media coverage. Better to have no coverage if you feel your company’s media coverage:

  1. Is inaccurate or false- Media make mistakes and if you’re not working closely with them on every single detail, those mistakes can translate to inaccurate coverage.
  2. Isn’t timely–A story inviting the community to your fundraiser that comes out after the event is pretty much useless. nike air max thea And that timeliness window is shrinking daily in our instant news twitter-driven society.
  3. Reaches the wrong audience–You may get a story and it may be accurate, but if the media outlet doesn’t reach the intended audience, this is still a PR fail.
  4. Is off-message–PR works to help companies clarify and crystallize their messages so when the time comes to talk to media, they come through loud and clear.
  5. Reinforces negative messages–Remember when Dina Lohan was interviewed by Dr. timberland pas cher Phil? Yikes. adidas zx 700 She got media coverage alright, but it simply reinforced all the negative perceptions about her that the interview was supposed to dispel.

So as you can see, not all media coverage is good. nike roshe run And when you analyze the reasons for involving the media in your business in the first place, you can see that media relations work is not as easy as it looks. Adidas Italia Outlet But when the PR stars align, media coverage can build brands and businesses, create powerful reputations, tell incredible stories and literally change the world. Jackets waterproof I think there is such a thing as bad publicity.