Welcome to the Age of Reality Marketing

duck-dynastyIt’s time to get real. Usually a phrase that means your “seriousness” quotient is about to rise, or your “sphincter” factor is about to unpleasantly and rapidly decrease. adidas pas cher But long term readers of my stuff know that I’m an advocate of being real in your marketing. asics duomax Or as real as whatever superiors or regulations that govern you will allow. As a culture, we crave reality. Don’t believe me? This week, A&E reported that their show “Duck Dynasty” about the duck-call producing small-town Southern Robertson family (no relation) brought in a whopping 8.5 million viewers — on basic cable! (For reference, about 1 million audience on cable is considered a hit). People just can’t get enough reality TV and choose it regularly over scripted series without or without an audience. Another example — why do we love Jennifer Lawrence so much? It’s because she’s real. She is a breath of fresh air in a town that could use a lot more fresh air. When she fell at the Oscars, she played it off beautifully and of course the world loves her for it. Social media a great opportunity to get real, but I would submit that so is every single piece of communications you do. Start at the message level and ask, “is our message really who we are and who we want to be?” If the answer is no, it’s time to shake that puppy up. I always like to start at the message level and then all of your communications tactics will be able to fall in line nicely once the strategy has been established. You know, like war. First you have the plan — the big map with all the toy soldiers, tanks and planes on it. Then, when you’re comfortable about the approach, you actually send the troops in. ugg pour homme pas cher By just observing culture around us, we seen that reality is “in” and corporate-speak, spin and fluff are out. nike requin Have the courage to be real and then the discipline to create systems to keep your communications and relationships real. You’ll have greater success in your communications than you ever thought possible and be better at dealing with just about every communications-related situation that may come up. If you need help getting to a more “real” place with your messaging and your branding strategy, call us.