Top 5 Marketing New Year’s Resolutions

As we rapidly approach the end of 2015, one thing is very clear to me — marketing is changing and needs to change even more. There are still far too many brand crisis situations caused by lack of thought, lack of trust and lack of respect of the target audience PRIOR to the communication taking place. Ready, fire…aim does not work in communications. Trust in all pillars of society (government, business, organized religion) is at an all time low and baby they’ve earned it through their consistent lies and trust-destroying ways. nike air presto soldes nike air max pas cher Trust in the media has fallen too, but there’s still some fire left there (which is why public relations still makes so much sense as a marketing tactic to reach an audience). adidas homme When you look closely at most marketing programs from companies you see a daily/weekly/monthly checklist of stuff that has to be done usually because someone else thought it would be a good idea and added it to the list. asics femme pas cher They are devoid of actual human thought and strategy…and it shows. So with that, I present my Top 5 Marketing New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Make your message mean something to them — Know your audience, know what they REALLY want and with any luck your message can tie in there. Resist the urge to just talk about yourself. chaussure timberland homme You can be assured that no one cares.
  2. Stop interrupting people with your meaningless marketing messages — People hate it and now…they hate your brand too. Way to go! Instead make your products, services and messages so damn cool and interesting that they rival whatever you were going to interrupt in the first place. nike air max 2017 zwart Note: Unless it’s a puppy-based video and then you have zero chance of being THAT interesting.
  3. Do less — communicate less, but make it count when you do. air max 90 pas cher Destroy your current marketing checklist and make everything on the new one earn its place there. Don’t just do. nike internationalist Think first. adidas zx flux femme Then do.
  4. Zig when everyone else zags — watch what you competitors are doing and look for ways to NOT do that stuff, but instead do your own, much better stuff.
  5. Work to build trust every day and treasure it like money. Because it is more valuable than money.

I dream of a world where marketing serves people, helps them get the things they want and need and is used responsibly and strategically by organizations. I’m an optimist and I think we can still save communications from marketing.