The Right Message Takes Care of Everything

la-sp-sn-tiger-woods-nike-20130326-001Yesterday, Nike unveiled a new ad featuring Tiger Woods with the message “Winning Takes Care of Everything.” Wow. Not surprisingly, Nike is taking some heat for this choice of words. I use it to illustrate that messaging is critically important to the success or failure of any communications campaign. asics gel lyte 5 Sounds obvious, but too many people rush to figure out HOW to communicate (press release, newsletter, video, social media, etc.) without first figuring out WHAT to communicate. I see it all the time. And that’s why I always try to bring my clients back to the WHAT, because in my opinion if that is off, then the rest is not going to matter that much and you might just do more harm than good. air presto pas cher (Yes, that is one possible outcome of choosing to communicate or not) What should Nike have used? Well, I’m no expert in their affairs (pun intended), but something more humble like “Redemption is Possible” or “Everyone Loves a Comeback” would have been my choice. Personally, I still think of Tiger Woods as an adulterous, conceited slimeball and his being ranked #1 does not fix his well-earned reputation for me. In fact, he actually reinforces the point that “well, no matter how I behave, you’ll still love me if I just win” No, not really. bags backpacks And certainly not in the same way we did when he first burst onto the scene. The message is just wrong. And this from a company who is VERY good at messaging. adidas powerlift 3 “Just Do It” has been ripped off from just about every organization, club or small business on earth. In fact, my old organization, NAMM (National Assoc of Music Merchants) just recently unveiled its new national PSA campaign with the slogan “Just Play.” The message REALLY matters. Spend time on it. Craft it. Test it and re-work it to get exactly the desired impact of your organization’s communications. And don’t be afraid to evolve the message as the company evolves. Just do so in a disciplined manner so the brand pieces all move together. Always happy to help with messaging and branding for companies that are ready to win in the marketplace. nike air max thea Caps Shoot me an e-mail or call me if you need some help. mu legend zen online Because there is something that takes care of everything, and it’s not winning, it’s having the right message.