The Real Secret to All Marketing

apeLike you, I observe the world on a daily basis and probably like you, I shake my head and say “Really?” a lot. chaussures ugg femme Regular readers of my stuff know that my company’s mission is to “save communications from bad marketing,” which is why I talk a lot about the bad stuff I’m seeing. But today I want to share with you a simple secret that if applied correctly will change everything about your marketing/PR program. adidas homme Ready? Trust and Respect Your Audience. I know, right? A vast majority of marketing I see (either b2b, b2c or B2whatever) lacks respect for the audience’s time, their opinion and their needs. ugg bottes And doesn’t trust them very much either. adidas femme soldes It’s needy, desperate, non-strategic and sometimes just stupid. So take your marketing program and ask yourself — do we respect our audience? Are we interrupting them from getting to something THEY want to see something WE want them to see (which btw has a terrible impact on YOUR reputation while you’re interrupting them). Are we SO desperate to sell something to them that we’ll program our ads and content to follow them around on the Web? Do we look at them like scientists view chimps pressing a button a certain amount of times to get a banana? A few recent examples: New 3D printing tech allows milk companies to show you if your milk has expired — LOL, or you could keep the price the same and just have customers rely on their eyes and tongue to do it. nike air max 90 homme See, dumb stuff is everywhere. Coffee company wants to have its baristas engage in conversations about race with customers — Really dumb. Customers want to get into and out of line as fast as possible. Respect that and keep that line moving. Giant online retailer hypes huge online sale day, but doesn’t make sure the user experience will be great — thus creating a giant PR nightmare and doing the exact opposite of what they were trying to accomplish in building the brand. A fine idea, but execution was poor and a great example of not understanding or respecting customer needs. Trust your audience and respect them. Make damn sure that when you choose to communicate with an audience that you are looking at it from THEIR side first. Do this and your “marketing” will be forever changed.