Placing Your Pieces

StrategoIn the kids game STRATEGO (yes, that one from back in the day), often the game can be won or lost before the first move is even made depending on where you place your key pieces. adidas zx flux pas cher site Over the years, I’ve found this is exactly the same with corporate marketing and communications. If the first part isn’t done right, you’ve got problems. The first part I’m talking about is messaging or you know, the message. That little arrow in the 8th grade communication process drawing is still pretty darn important. nike air max 2015 Let’s look at Malaysia Airlines right now. nike air presto soldes So the company is pretty much going bankrupt because of their radio silence. adidas hamburg Now the right message could fix it and the wrong one or saying nothing definitely dooms the company. If I had this account, I’d recommend first being VERY proactive about the message, emphasizing the safety of the planes, the convenience of the routes, whatever they’ve got — use it. And then I would lean into and not away from the concerns people are having about the airline. Not facing your fears is a sure way to give them more power and help them come true. Most businesses I see have a message, but it’s not a very good one. soldes nike chaussures It’s a message that was constructed from the wrong perspective — the “me” perspective instead of the “and this is why your audience would remotely care” perspective. It’s a message that lacks emotion, connection and excitement. asics pulse soldes When I look at the marketing landscape, I see companies with descriptors instead of real messages that connect and motivate people to do the things they want them to do. asics gel nimbus chaussure nike air max If you are one of those companies, let’s fix it and give your communications activities a fighting chance out there. Having a busy comms program with many tactics isn’t the same as having one where the right message is delivered to the audience at the right time creating the right behavior.