Why We No Longer Pardon the Interruption

imagesLet’s face it, most marketing messages are interrupting something great. You’re watching your favorite show or NFL football game and boom, unwanted, unwelcome messages. Sometimes funny or entertaining, but NOT the reason we’re there. Open your mailbox, there they are again. Inbox — well, Good Lord, to say that they dominate the content doesn’t even come close. How did it come to this? It’s because with very few exceptions, the profession of marketing and most marketers are wildly inconsiderate of anything beyond getting their message across at all costs. But you see, one of these costs is the actual relationship that you’re trying to form with the prospect. So you might want to tread carefully. And in case you haven’t noticed, society is REALLY starting to frown on and block unwanted and unwelcome marketing messages. nike pour homme pas cher And they’re getting much better at it. Society’s increasing lack of tolerance for bad marketing represents an amazing opportunity for those bold enough to take it. Here is my golden marketing sage wisdom. Ready? Stop interrupting people. nike pas cher 2017 You cannot win under that scenario. You are set up to lose. nike tn Instead, put your marketing messages out in the form of interesting content that people will choose to draw in. I’m a huge fan of public relations for this reason alone. Nothing you can send out yourself equals the trust factor and credibility given of a member of the media saying it for you. So while people are saying “the end of PR is near because now you can just publish content yourself so why do you even NEED the media? LOL. Good one. bottes ugg pas cher You need them because no one believes a word you or your company says. You have about zero trust (according to the latest Pew Research and who is going to argue with Pew?). Your lovely “content marketing” is seen as sales-driven awful spam by a world who is sick to death of being sold. It’s time for a better strategic approach and that approach starts with courtesy, empathy and looking at the target audience as a human being instead of a click-through metric. The new world is coming and it really doesn’t matter if you’re ready or not. nike air zoom pegasus Start your New Year off with changing your marketing strategy from interruption marketing to relationship-focused marketing and communications.