Living in a Twilight Zone World

“Suspended in time and space for a moment, your introduction to Mr. Adidas soldes Scott Robertson, who lives in a very private world of darkness…and confusion.” Ok, not quite, but looking at the world, I feel this way sometimes —and my writing often reflects it. I’m reminded of a great classic Twilight Zone episode “Eye of the Beholder” where Janet Tyler realizes that everything beautiful is ugly and vice versa in this twisted world where she finds herself. Yep, we can relate to that one, right? For example, the Web is blowing up about a story of a North Texas high school Valedictorian who had the courage to admit she was an undocumented immigrant. Martinez took 17 AP classes in high school and graduated with a 4.95 GPA. She is now looking forward to a full scholarship at Yale and hopes to one day become a neurosurgeon. asics duomax Excuse me, a Yale scholarship winner isn’t a citizen? What planet am I on, here? How can this be? And why aren’t people reading this story reacting in a more appropriate fashion? I don’t see her as “courageous,” I see her as not following the process that thousands of legal citizens of the USA are required to follow. I also don’t see speeders as “daring.” They pretty much just drive too fast. On a political note, President Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton for president this week. It’s expected of course, towing the party line and all. But in the video, he said these words, which still ring in my ears “I don’t think anyone has ever been so qualified to run for this office…” Huh? Even by today’s hype standards, that is an 11 and this is a person who caused the administration enough shame to remove her as Sec. of State. adidas sitemap (I’m sorry, thank her for her service and walk her to the exit). That’s what happened — with enough PR spin on it to choke a horse. nike air max 90 And it seems everyone has forgotten about it as they jump on the bandwagon for the first woman ever to be president (which also isn’t exactly true). This woman? Are we serious? How many scandals can we name? Man, it’s a Twilight Zone world out there and when the bandages are removed, I’m honestly more than a little afraid of what we might see or become. On the marketing/comms side of things, I truly do believe in a different approach devoid of “spin,” and being respectful of the audience, trusting them to take whatever action that works for them and building real brands in a world that is all-too ugly and fake.