I Just Can’t Force Quit You

force-quit-from-dockHow hard does your company make it to break off communications if the target is so inclined? It’s an important thing to consider in our current “all-you-can-opt-in” world of comms, right? You know, how we disengage with a target customer is just as important as how we engage a new one. It really can say a lot of our brand. adidas yeezy boost The genius minds of Apple realize that sometimes just quitting an application doesn’t quite work and thus they created “force quit” which we’ve all probably used while we were about to have a “unforced fit.” Comms needs to have a force quit too — something the target audience can use to disengage right now without any further discussion about it (that means no surveys no matter how badly you want to). If you’re a good e-mail marketer, you realize that we’re required by law (CAN-SPAM Act) to have opt-outs that are not just there and clickable, but actually enforced in a reasonable time frame. bottes ugg But I’ll go a step further and say that compliance with the law isn’t the only reason you should pay very close attention to opt-outs. First of all, they are feedback about what you’re doing and who is and isn’t liking it. Second, if you are a secure, non-needy brand, then you can artfully disengage with a target audience member and still be friends. asics gel lyte 3 No one has to cut up pictures of the other party here — you’re out, and it’s perfectly cool with us and we hope you come on back sometime. nike air huarache soldes Breezy, not needy. P.S. adidas hommethat’s how you get them to come back by the way.