Why Do We Even Need to Say Transparency?

transparent1This is less of a blog post and more of a rant.

I am sick of the probably-corporate-communications-generated-BS word “transparency.” It is a sad day when our collective faith in gov’t, business and organized religion has fallen to the point where these organizations have to use a special word to show people we’re not hiding something….this time.

And in that vein, I’d like to take it just a step further and add a few contenders to replace this horrid, trite word. nike air presto soldes air jordan future Scott’s replacements for “transparency” Sinvisiblity — where all the dirty laundry is hanging out there for all to see Truthicity — just sounds honest and so it must be Saranwrappitude — corporate secrets sealed in for vacuum-packed freshness Brainstorming aside, here at the end of lovely 2014, Corporate and government communications should first strive to be real. Real people facing real problems in the real world. 2018 nike air max adidas pas cher Sounds like an awful TV show pitch, but man, it’s getting harder to read this stuff. ugg bottes nike dynamo And it makes everyone in the profession look bad, nay, dishonest. air jordan 31 adidas chaussures I want to see a world where organizations no longer need to use silly words like “transparency” because we have enough courage to tell the actual truth and our audience can just assume we’re sticking with that plan. Until then, all of these corporate statements boasting their “transparency” need to be covered in Saran Wrap to trap their foul odor.