Why the World Can’t End on Dec. 21

As most people know, the Mayan calendar is set to end on Dec 21, 2012. There are many theories why this date ends the Mayan Calendar. According to many well known hoarding websites, which I am prepared to trust, many feel that this date is the day of end of times and the world will be destroyed. Others feel this will be a time of huge natural disasters, space/time continuum shifts, and mythical planets invading our galaxy along with strange Milky Way alignments. There is even talk of a pole flip causing problems all over the earth (to put it mildly) or this being when we have a second coming of Christ. (FYI — the Bible is pretty clear that no one including the Mayans will see that coming.) Before you begin your hoarding of bottled water (which really isn’t going to help you if the poles flip, people) and other survival items, I, your voice of reason for so many marketing-related issues, will tell you precisely why the world WILL NOT end on Dec. 21, 2012 (Also known as “Suck It, Mayans!”) Reason #5: It’s a Friday. It is written by the wise prophets known as Loverboy that the world cannot end headed into the weekend. ugg australia pas cher After all, everyone is workin’ the weekend and everyone needs a little romance. avis bottes ugg Reason #4: We need to know what happens on True Blood. I mean, will Bill and Sookie finally get together? You know, once he becomes a normal vampire and not a blood monster again. Reason #3: Pre-Christmas? Doubtful. adidas x 16.3 Although it would save me the trouble of taking down the lights and putting the tree away. adidas tubular Find your silver lining somewhere, people. Reason #2: The football playoffs are still really up the air right now. adidas superstar soldes I mean, who will win the NFC West? And if the Rams keep winning and sneak in, is THAT in itself a sign of the end of the world? And the #1 Reason Why the World Cannot End on Dec 21 –– It just wouldn’t be fair to China who has waited centuries to finally be the world’s superpower. All the studies point to them taking over the #1 slot from us somewhere around 2030 so clearly the world keeps on a turnin’ What are YOUR reasons? I’d love to hear them.