Evil PR

Public Relations is an extremely powerful tool for influencing and shaping public opinion. Wikipedia defines it as “the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization (such as a business, government agency, or a nonprofit organization) and the public. Sounds pretty benign, right? And it can be. nike air max femme But let’s say you had the objective of convincing the world that America is experiencing vast racial tensions and thing are going badly here. First, you’d need some news events to feed the narrative. You’d amplify those to the extent of your budget via traditional and social media, and bring in sympathetic influencers to help you. You’d need celebrities to use major media platforms such as the ESPYs or other Award shows, concerts to reinforce the narrative. And pretty soon, everyone would just believe it despite there being no real data to support the conclusion. According the Washington Post for example, statistically speaking, police violence is a VERY small problem in the United States. adidas zx 750 pas cher It affects less than 1,000 people nationally in a population of more than 300 million. So that’s around .000003 percent of the population affected. ugg pas cher And re: race relations, more than half of those affected were Caucasian so African Americans aren’t even the majority of victims in police violence cases. Does racism still exist? Yep. Is it rampant in law enforcement, possibly. Are tens of thousands of African Americans being shot down by police as some believe? Not even close. Do you ever feel like we’re all being played for fools by someone or some entity with a hidden agenda via a large-scale mass market PR campaign of sorts? Perhaps some entity like George Soros (30th richest man in the world ) that wants us all to believe we cannot trust local law enforcement? Or that we’re all so different and against each other? Or that guns are dangerous and we should give them up voluntarily because only then we might feel safe? PR takes a few things to work. It needs a budget and a staff. News events don’t happen by themselves and the media don’t cover them without help from PR. I mention Soros because he’s given more than $33 million to Black Lives Matter in the past year. chaussure de tennis asics $33,000,000. PR needs a budget. I love PR and I’ve dedicated my life to helping companies and organizations use it to the max to reach their business goals. The return on investment is fantastic and I love getting great results! It works incredibly well. Unfortunately, when the goals and intentions aren’t honorable, the PR outcomes will be as well.