Welcome to the Real World

I’ve worked for a lot of clients in my 20+ years doing PR and marketing.  But every one has a slightly different angle or story to tell and different goals too — that’s what makes it interesting and that’s why I’m taking this step to open my own shop.
  • Do I know about small business healthcare insurance – Nope.  But I do take Airborne every day so here’s hoping. 🙂
  • Do I have a business checking account or credit card – working on it.
  • Have I saved the requisite six months salary before opening this business – Really?
What fun would that be?  Here’s what I do know.  I’m good at this.  Actually, great at this and I have a long track record of client satisfaction and delivering above people’s expectations to show for it.  But now I want to do all the things that I couldn’t do working for someone else.  Specifically, I’m going to:
  • Trust and respect my people to deliver and help them grow and get better at PR and marketing
  • Have fun and bring my wacky sense of humor to my daily work
  • Work with only the clients that have the most amazing stories to tell and are ready to do what it takes to win. (Not in the Charlie Sheen sense of winning — more like the NY Giants)
  • Keep learning and growing.
If this sounds like a wild ride to you, jump on board because we are going to have a blast and do some of the best work the profession has ever seen.  Count on it.
More to come!