Two Broke Girls Take on Branding

twobrokeFirst off, I should admit that I sometimes watch the CBS show “Two Broke Girls.” Ok, now that we’ve purged that bit of news, I noticed that the season finale of said Broke Girls show featured our two lovely heroines (one of which sometimes jokes about doing actual heroin) engaged in a discussion about one of our favorite topics here, oh you guessed it, BRANDING. So if you’re unfamiliar with the show, the extremely attractive (it’s TV) pair of girls are trying to make it in New York City and their entrepre-business is a cupcake shop featuring Max’s Homemade Cupcakes. Nice. So in this episode, Caroline tells Max that all they have to do is get $400 for a branding seminar and their business is sure to take off. nike air max classic bw soldes Oh and this branding seminar is being taught by the lady who came up with “Just Do It” for Nike. So this intrigued me as I thought “are there people watching this who actually believe that going to a seminar on branding is the difference between success and failure for their business?” In case that’s a yes, let’s clear a few things up

  1. The minute you open a business, your branding has already begun whether you choose it or not. It’s not a light switch that you flip on when you’re good and ready
  2. Branding is not a magic wand that you can wave over a failed business and solve major operational issues like high rent, bad management, lack of other marketing or just plain human stupidity
  3. Even if someone from Nike is teaching you branding unless you’re also selling shoes and athletic wear, there is no guarantee the approach will be right for your business. bottes ugg pour homme Remember, the correct answer to almost any marketing question is…it depends. And it depends on YOU — your needs, your goals, your hopes/dreams/etc.

Actually, branding isn’t the Two Broke Girls’ biggest problem. They have the brand. They know their story and from what they show on the program, the business connects with customers the way it should. nike air max The issues they have are largely operational. But who knows, maybe they’ll fix it next season. nike air jordan soldes But you probably can’t wait to fix your business issues, so give us a call or e-mail and we’ll be happy to discuss how other TV programs continue to get branding wrong too.