Truly Understanding Social ME-dia

socialmediaNine times of out ten, when clients or prospects ask me to consult regarding social media, it goes like this. nike air max thea soldes “Scott, we have X to communicate. (pause) Now HOW would we best do that?” And now they are expecting “The Amazing Scottini” (patent pending), magician of all things communications to wave his magic wand (which chose the wizard) and somehow get that message to the target. But…. if you TRULY want to understand social media, I suggest twisting the prism just slightly to see the light. Ready? They (your intended audience) don’t care one bit about your message. They care…about…(wait for it)….themselves. And the crowd gasps. adidas superstar Can this be? But MY message is so good, so targeted, so darn appropriate. And SO WHAT? Specifically, they care about how anything they post or share contributes or detracts from the image of themselves they have in their amazingly toned, charitable, super smart, youthful-for-their-age little brains. nike cortez Because they, like us, probably are human beings, and we’re all just wired that way. asics chaussures air max homme I could show you the neuroscience if you’re deeply curious. Let’s look at some examples. adidas zx 750 pas cher If someone is liking, sharing or showcasing something someone else has said or posted, it means they are aligning themselves with it and specifically that they want others to see that they have aligned with it — why? Because in the poster’s mind, it makes THEM seem (insert whatever here). nike air max femme pas cher And again, the truth has no bearing here. This is about internal focused perception and specifically, achieving congruency in the poster’s mind and their own image of themselves. I think social media is very appropriately named — because it’s truly all about ME. For all of us, it’s our own little microcosm of a world where we let in who we want, when we want and control everything that happens in there (as much as one can.) The secret to becoming REALLY good at social media lies in human psychology. Understand that people want to share and like things that allow them to: Look cool to their friends (and of course this is all friends, family, acquaintances they’ve let in) Look smart to their friends Look charitable to their friends Look kind to their friends Look happy to their friends (sure, go ahead and sing it if you’re thinking it…) Look like good parents and adoring spouses to their friends Look like smart shoppers to their friends Look like good religious followers to their friends Look like plugged in “in the know” people to their friends Look like people who make good choices to their friends And there’s millions more of course. But the key is to twist your message they don’t care about at all into something that they will care about by making it appeal to what they REALLY want to do on social media. And again, remember it’s all about congruency with that mental picture. timberland pas cher That’s how you reach them. Move your message so that it can help someone achieve congruency and you will hit a friggin’ home run with it. (Ahem, ALS Bucket Challenge, anyone?) Now that you know this, take a look at most social media posts from organizations. It’s all about them and nothing for ME, which is ironic because they are trying to get into MY ME-dia channel. So let’s do a better job out there with our messages and together, we can make social media serve the truly self-centered purpose for which is was designed by people who are REALLY into themselves (and that’s all of us). If you want help with this, the door to the great Scottini’s magical castle (which I realize sounds like a one store fast food joint in a bad neighborhood) is always open.