One billion people (mostly kids) have already been lured in. $11 billion in revenue. Zero moral compass—and completely above every law and court system in every land. 

It’s TikTok and it’s long past time to get serious about deleting it. From your phone, from your kids’ phones and from all of our lives. TikTok needs to die and I’m talking right now. 

You know, most things in communications really aren’t that dangerous. Annoying yes, but THIS clever little Trojan horse of a social network is run by a Chinese company called ByteDance and THAT company is run entirely by the Chinese Communist Party (of China). 

Instead of motivational photos on the walls and quotes by entrepreneurs, I’m guessing ByteDance has a “To Do” list posted that goes like this:

1. Destroy all of Western civilization

2. Dominate whatever’s left when we’re done

3. Eat out (preferably not Chinese again)

So why does TikTok need to die? Here are just a few reasons and trust me, there are more.

1. Data — Looking for privacy for your kids’ personal data? You won’t find it here since it’s been proven many times that ALL of the personal data collected on TikTok goes right to Beijing. Oh, and just having the app on your kids’ device allows them to also do some seriously creepy things including looking at ALL of their friends’ private info including location (without that being turned on), seeing all texts, all emails and monitoring all calls made from the device. They can even access the clipboard (which is where so many people store passwords) Also, where do you think that $11 billion is going? It’s being used by China for its agenda and its activities. Why would we all be SO excited to enrich the very country that unleashed the damn coronavirus plague on all of us? It’s truly astounding how short-sighted we’ve become.

2. Could Easily be Making Us Dumber — Video content on this platform appears to be a bit of dumbing down of our population — Like in the movie Idiocracy, China realizes that a stupid, misinformed and very distracted enemy is a more easily conquerable enemy. Remember their “To Do” list? Regular social media is bad enough. But our next generation is so obsessed with this stupid little virtual world that they are using it with greater frequency than Google. In other words, if it’s not on TikTok it’s NOT in their world. Friggin’ yikes. 

3. Very Censored — As you might expect, this social network has censored user posts from day one. When Ukrainian citizens tried posting videos showing war crimes being committed by Russia, China (I’m sorry, ByteDance) promptly removed them. Communism goes with censorship like peanut butter goes with jelly, folks.

I don’t see this as a “wait and see” type of situation. We all need to do exactly what the UK Parliament just did and close all accounts and delete the app IMMEDIATELY. The FCC Chairman has asked both Apple and Google to ban/block the app from their App stores. Yet just today, I saw a webinar for marketers called “Maximize Your Profits Using TikTok”. —Yeah, no thank you.

Could my company make a lot of money using TikTok? Definitely. Is it right? No. And that’s exactly why I’ve never had any dealings with them. You see, wrong is wrong no matter how many people are doing it. And right is right even if NO ONE else does it. Wise words. And there’s a LOT of the line if we get this one wrong.

It absolutely stuns me that so few people truly understand what is happening here and how incredibly dangerous this silly app really is. TikTok is run by the big bad in our story. TikTok is NOT a viable social media platform, but rather a weapon of war. Don’t fall for it. And show others. Be sure to show your kids. Their data isn’t safe and they are being used by China.

The clock is Tik-ing, marketers. Now, what are you prepared to do about it?