The Needy Brand

im-needy1This week, JC Penney has made some unflattering headlines with a new ad where it apologizes to its customers and asks them to come back to its stores with the tagline “come back and see us” I could not disagree with this approach more. Here’s why: The ad and specifically the message is unflattering to the brand, which let’s face it, isn’t stellar. Think about it in dating terms. Which is more attractive: secure or needy? Contrast it with Target who continues to make great strides in the new realm of retail making its brand strong, never apologizing or begging people to shop there. If you have to beg people, then you are clearly out of compelling options. JC Penney, like many larger retailers, has really been struggling to get in step with the consumer behavior driven changes that have affected the entire segment (Hello Best Buy, Toys R Us, among so many others). chaussure timberland homme So what should they do. Honestly, in my opinion, their stores are too big and reminiscent of by gone glory days of shopping mall retailing. adidas zx 750 It just isn’t done that way anyone. nike huarache And why? Because CONSUMERS have moved to something else. So adapt or die. Capitalism just isn’t very kind and we the American people should apologize to you, JC Penney for that. ugg australia bailey button But quit apologizing as your key message. You do have something cool to offer, but you’re going to have to reinvent the business to make it profitable, not just stop doing sales and then finding out that doesn’t work and digging a deeper hole. Oh and when USA Today is doing a story (you know for its largest daily newspaper media outlet in the United States) you might want to consider calling them back so you don’t get “JC Penney did not return calls for comment” That is amateur and embarrassing. You owe the PR profession an apology for that piece of work (or non-work). What have we learned here, class. Being needy didn’t work for you in high school, college and it sure as hell isn’t going to now. Stop it. ugg noir Be confident. Fix what is actually wrong and get yourself back on a path to profitability. Or go out of business in style! It’s not your fault the retail model changed this quickly. Change is tough for everyone. Buy hey, pull up your Stafford big boy pants and get it done. And call the media back please. BTW — you’re forgiven. Now make a case why you deserve to survive.