The Distracted

Scott Robertson, APR: Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 3:13 PM

No, it’s not a new Scorsese film, but it’s definitely a new drama enfolding for marketers.
New research released by the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) finds that TV viewers look to online content to enhance rather than replace traditional viewing. A full 90% of consumers watch TV on a traditional set, 12% use online video, and a remarkable 60% of the media companies’ viewers watched TV while engaging with online content (video and otherwise) at the same time.
What? You mean people still watch TV? Yes.
But they seem to be watching it differently and in a little more distracted way too. nike cortez I can relate. In my house when the TV is on, the mobile phone and tablet second screens are buzzing as well in part to supplement the TV content and in part to keep track of other things (sports scores) while the “main” programming is on. Commercials — yeah we skip those either by fast-forwarding or checking out mentally into the world of the second screen.
Brings up an interested marketing question — how does a company get the attention of “The Distracted”? Sounds like a euphemism for something more sinister, (Doctor says I’m sorry, but I’m afraid that you’re partially distracted…) but in truth all of us lead increasing distracted lives (thank you technology demons).
Here’s what I think.
1. Your brand’s story/content has to be flat out more interesting than anything else and fight for attention. My youngest daughter (who we affectionately call “The Badger” really knows how to do this well. She’s getting hers and it really doesn’t matter who is competing with her. timberland pas cher
2. You have to engage with people not simply talk at them. nike pour homme pas cher How? Well, social media is great for this, but you have to invest the time in developing those relationships with those who follow your brand.
3. nike free You have to come fresh with new surprises all the time. nike air max 2014 Funny or Die does this well. Each time you think you know what they’ll do next, they find a way to make it fresh, different and funny. Funny or Die has no trouble getting attention from The Distracted.
The Distracted are everywhere and nowhere. They are all around you. Could be your Mom, your kid, your pastor or most importantly your CUSTOMER.