Out Standing In Your Field

300px-SI-CampaignSignsIf you’re into advertising, particularly signs or “signage” if you want to get all jargon-y, then mid-term election season is your time baby! I was struck by this image as I went to purchase Halloween candy today. (yes, I waited until the day before Halloween, so what!) Here we have a lovely field of grass, perhaps a field a political dreams and aspirations as democracy once again selects its starting team to roll things forward. bottes ugg pas cher Except….this is just awful marketing. It’s a visual eyesore, no actual messages communicated and we’re all kind of used to it. So, I thought I’d help. Here’s some ways political candidates (probably the next batch) can differentiate themselves from others in the…um, field. Your name on a sign is NOT a message — SAY something, preferably something that matters to US, not you. Something like Pedro said in Napoleon Dynamite — “Vote for me and I’ll make all of your dreams come true.” Hey, at least it was about them! Pick a color palate OTHER than red, white and blue. adidas superstar soldes You’re American, we get it. Marketing is about punching where they ain’t blocking, you know? If everyone else is red, white and blue, you should be….. (be creative and figure it out) Understand that we don’t trust you. asics tiger We trust less than zero percent of politicians, but we have to vote for someone. Use the lack of trust to your advantage. Hell, I would lean into it and say, “come on, I’m probably not as bad as the last one” or something like that. Be human, be funny (if you are) but please do something differently. My company actually does not do any work for politicians. Clearly, we should. I did help my Dad once in his bid to be President of the American Dental Association, but I wasn’t that much help given the behind the scenes politics of that situation. A story for another time, but if I had it to do over again today, I’d make sure his campaign would be remembered. timberland 6-inch premium That’s the game, folks. Cutting through the clutter and making an impression with someone where they will actually remember you when the time comes. And you can’t do it by being exactly like everyone else.