Social Media Takes a Village

Scott: Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2012 3:13 PM

Yesterday, I spoke at the Association of IT Professionals monthly meeting in San Diego and the topic was “Social Media and IT.”  Great questions and discussion from the group about social media and how IT pros can play a role. Is social media a technology deployment, a PR/communications initiative, a CEO pet project, a ploy by HR to attract top talent?  It could be all of the above depending on your organization’s social media goals.  But no matter what your goals are, you’re probably going to need a multifaceted team to tackle them.  I just finished the X-Box video game “Mass Effect 3” and although your Commander Shepard character is out there saving the galaxy, before each mission he needs to select just the right team members with just the right mix of skills, abilities and weapons in order to advance in and ultimately win the game.  Same thing here.  IT pros, you need those Legal eagles who need those nutty PR/Marketing people who need Sales, HR, Accounting and of course, EVERYONE needs the C-Suite fully engaged.  Social media really takes a village in order to bring real value to your company.  Of course if you’re like me and running all of those functions yourself, those social media task force meetings will be very…intimate 🙂  If you have questions about PR or social media, comment here or e-mail me and I’ll be happy to answer them.