Publicity vs. Public Relations

Scott “The Lost Kardashian” Robertson: Posted on Thursday, June 21, 2012 8:06 AM

It’s the cage match of all cage matches… nike air max 2013 In this corner, we have publicity, definitely what most people think of when reaching into their brains for some definition of PR. nike x fragment
We’ve seen the masters of it from P.T. Barnum to Kim Kardashian. A new book or movie is coming out and there is a PR blitz and the author or star just seems to be EVERYWHERE.
In the news, on day-time talk shows, nighttime talk shows, hosting Google hangouts, etc. Yes, publicity drives awareness of things and then marketers of those things are one step closer to getting you to buy them or behave in some way that benefits their business.
Now let’s move to the other corner. ugg prix france Weighing in at just under 100 years old as a profession and boasting the power to influence human perception, we have PUBLIC RELATIONS! PR is about more than publicity. asics gel lyte 3 soldes It’s about positively impacting the relationships that a business or organization needs to be successful and about changing perceptions.
Here’s a little compare/contrast exercise to help you understand the difference:
Publicity is typically short-term (this campaign, this moment, etc.)
Public relations is typically long-term (who do we need to reach to accomplish the overall business objectives)
Publicity is a tactic (and a darn good one depending on the need)
Public relations has many tactics (many arrows in the quiver) to accomplish the strategic objectives
Publicity’s end game is media coverage
Public relations’ end game is the success of the business or organization
Publicity involves Kim Kardashian
Public relations would not stoop so low (Ivy Lee is smiling about that one)
Not all publicity is strategic and thus “good” for the business. louboutin homme Today, PR firms can get coverage in a myriad of outlets from USA Today to What’s That Dude Play? (blog). But in my opinion, the best media coverage is the kind that accomplishes a larger, more strategic objective that (wait for it) HELPS THE BUSINESS WIN. Otherwise, why do it?
When you’re ready to stop just generating media coverage and start generating the best media coverage that helps your company win, we’re here.