PR Pancake Power

logo-homeDo you know what works the best in 2015? PR, that’s what. We all bore witness to the amazing power of PR yesterday during the auspicious National Pancake Day, a yearly promotion from our friends at the International House of Pancakes. So in case you missed it (and that really couldn’t be anyone), they give everyone a free short stack of golden, extremely awesome pancakes during the day and allow the more generous patrons to donate to the Children’s Miracle Network. But I want to tell you that I saw stories about National Pancake Day damn near everywhere I went and on any device I used yesterday. DJs were discussing on the radio, I shared a Facebook post myself which generated commentary, I saw news anchors eating plates of pancakes on morning shows and all in all, I saw the message about 30 times in 24 hours. Dang! So here’s your actual proof of success. nike air max pas cher iHop is not what you’d called a dinner “hotspot.” More like exactly where you’d want to go for an extremely quiet and extremely lonely dinner with very few other oxygen breathing human beings. The Last Man on Earth has a larger cast than what you’d typically find at night at the Hop. But last night? Last night there was an hour wait when we got there. An hour. In the evening. And I asked the staff who said it was packed out the door all day long. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s what PR does. adidas nmd homme pas cher PR plants ideas and inspires behavior. I was kinda excited to watch it honestly. But what really made it work. Let’s examine. Scarcity — the idea that it’s only this one day and once per year drives IMMEDIATE action. If they did it every Tuesday, it would be packed a little while and then just fade into the wallpaper of society. Lesson: keep your illusion of scarcity going. It works. Inclusion/Everyone is doing it — Let’s face it – it’s still high school for all of us and we ALL want to be included in things that we perceive everyone is doing. Masterful job being everywhere which helps create that for iHop. Charity — We are creatures moved by emotion and even those not wanting to get fat on pancakes can lean into the idea of helping a worthy cause. Excellent PR execution — Nothing works without solid execution and kudos to the iHop team because as I said, the message was everywhere. chaussures ugg femme I say it all the time but PR is my weapon of choice in the marketing spectrum. adidas superstar 2 femme Done correctly, its power trumps advertising, direct mail, SEO/SEM, and probably everything with the exception of word of mouth, which wins against everything every time. Learn your lesson well from iHop people. PR works. Get to it.