One Week Down, the Rest of Your Life to Go

Scott: Posted on Friday, March 09, 2012 9:50 AM

Well, it’s been quite a good first week in business.  From general office orientation, to filing papers with the state, to business bank accounts, credit cards and oh yeah, lots of new business pitching, I feel re-energized and just great about it.  When I talk to clients and potential clients, they listen and respect my counsel.  Man, after working in-house for so long, I had almost forgotten what that feels like.  I can measure my firm’s work in something other than advertising equivalency value (AVE) because my clients understand that the true value of PR is its impact on the business results for the organization.  It feels good to be doing things that way again too and I want to bring that type of big league communications thinking into some organizations that are currently settling for much less. Like the Robertson Communications slogan says, May the Best Brand Win.  Have a great weekend!