No Relationship, No Permission, No Communication

Given enough time, marketers will kill everything good in the world. nike air max 90 oreo Take e-mail for example. chaussure nike cortez What once was an exciting “oh how cool” experience is now a horrific chore filled with so much spam that it should have a tin can icon that you roll back to open the application. Why do companies spam? What could they possibly be thinking. If you spam me, I just hate you and there is ZERO chance I’d ever listen or complete the action being asked of me. Here is my quick marketing lesson for spammers. If you do not have a relationship with the customer and PERMISSION to communicate, you should save your virtual breath. You WILL do more harm than good. You WILL damage your brand and you MAY face penalties from the always-ready-to-fine-somebody federal government. (CAN-SPAM Act anyone?) I recently got an e-mail explaining to me as a communicator “How to Get Around Spam Filters” This e-mail proudly brags about knowing how to spot the 3 different kinds of spam filters and how they can get around each? Really? I don’t need this because I don’t send unsolicited e-mails to people WITHOUT PERMISSION or a RELATIONSHIP. asics gel kinsei 6 To me, getting around spam filters is a bit like sneaking around motion sensors and an electric fence to go knock on the door of the guy in your neighborhood who has a bunker and a detailed evacuation plan for the coming zombie apocalypse. Free advice — He does NOT want to talk to you and it’s going to end badly either way. So even if you get around my spam filter, I already hate you and you’ve already lost. So how do you win? Start by being respectful of people’s time and e-mail boxes. Then, communicate only when you have something interesting to say and when you’ve earned the right to communicate. Nike Pour Homme Maybe start by listening. If you stop talking long enough, people will actually tell you what they want and when they do that, you have an opportunity to provide it. adidas homme Maybe make your e-mail useful to their business instead of a self-centered piece promoting your business. That whole listening and responding thing is also called modern marketing.