New and Unproved

NEW-2The 24/7 news industry is obsessed with new stuff. adidas homme New products, new emerging stars, new scandals, new news. adidas ultra boost Hell, the word “new” is built right into “news” just so you won’t forget how new it really is. But when you’re all about new, it’s easy to miss out on things, really dig deep into stories and tell more powerful and meaningful tales. Let’s take movies and for example. Studios spend millions to create and promote them and they have about 2-3 weeks to get people’s attention before they are booted out of theaters and eventually to Blu-Ray and finally on TV in some form or another. nike air max 2012 There is a feeling that they are not as valuable as they move down this chain and that’s why you can find almost any summer 2010 blockbuster for $5 in the bargain bin at Big Lots. But is it true? Are things less valuable if they aren’t “new,” Is that the perception we’ve created and live under? And if so, what does that mean for YOUR company? Is your brand message centered around breakthroughs and having something new to play into this cycle or do you stand for something larger? Will you allow your brand to end up in the bargain bin? Yes, the media is obsessed with new, and to some degree we all are. But I urge to make your brand bigger, stronger and more connected than anyone’s particular “news” cycle. Like most things in marketing, there is no absolute right or wrong, it’s a choice that you make and build a strategy around to support the choice. ugg australia bailey button If you want to get your company off the brand-new news treadmill and start building something bigger that will last, call us for a free consultation at (949) 766-6789. Our proven methods will help you make a better choice and create a stronger brand foundation for your marketing and communications.