It Only Beats You If You Haven’t Seen it Before

mathematics-symbolsMathematics. The very word sends shivers of fear down the spines of creatives in the marketing profession like when it’s date night and your wife wants to watch “House Hunters.” Yikes. On a side note, I didn’t like shopping for MY house so why would I intentionally watch other people do it? But back to math. nike air max 90 My 16-year-old son struggles with math, too. And I’m pretty sure if you trace the origins of the Robertson family back, you’ll find some great ancestor (probably with a beard) beating his head against a rock trying to do math. asics gel lyte 5 But…I’ve learned something recently that I passed on to my son and just may set him on the path of being the first Robertson to actually succeed at math. I learned that math only beats you if you haven’t seen it before. adidas zx flux femme If you know what’s coming and have done it (successfully) before, then math is easier. And you know, the same thing is true in football. When the defense correctly guesses the play that’s coming next (usually because they’ve seen it before on tape or live) then the offense has a much harder time getting yardage or scoring. Seeing something before (and being prepared for it) is a big deal in football. It’s also a big deal in business, specifically public relations. One of the reasons senior PR people are wanted by companies is the fact that they’ve seen and dealt with many difficult situations before. Often, we’ve made mistakes, learned from those mistakes and are armed and dangerous for the next time a particular scenario comes up. And there’s nothing wrong with taking less-than-successful or even failed scenario experience and applying it. adidas zx 850 If you know what’s coming the next time, you’ll be ready and have a much greater chance of success. It’s that way in business/marketing, in football and yes, even in math. Nothing can beat you when you’ve seen it before. Except maybe House Hunters. nike chaussure Hint: They almost never pick the third house.