How Reputations Are Built And Lost

What do you call 50 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A good start. Jokes like this one poke fun at professions like the law because let’s face it, there are enough bad ones out there to make the joke funny. The legal profession is as old as Greek and Roman civilization—and my opening joke probably surfaced exactly during that time (only they probably said “sea” instead of ocean).  

Just like people and companies, professions have reputations. They all build them based on a few key stimuli — 1) behavior, 2) role in culture and 3) personal experience. So the legal profession has survived a LOT of bad behavior, a role in culture that is important but generally disliked—and personal experience that is at best “varied.” But the reputation of lawyers is still pretty good. No one is calling to ban them from society. (Except maybe William Shakespeare in Henry VI)  🙂

Now let’s look at the profession of law enforcement just for a comparison. Behavior is generally very good — crimes are stopped, lives are saved, society rolls onward. I know there’s a popular narrative that black citizens are killed regularly by white police officers, but that isn’t true. In fact, only nine black suspects were killed by white officers in the past year. Nine. As Candace Owens points out, 19 white suspects were killed by police officers during the same time. Role in culture — absolutely essential and of course listed as the top essential workers during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Personal experience — for most people who aren’t breaking the law or disrespecting them, your interaction with police officers will be pretty painless. So why are these “essential” workers now HATED by so many people? Why are there calls to DE-FUND the POLICE?  Why have parts of our society turned on them to the point where their morale Is reaching all-time lows across the country?

Well, not to burst a perfectly good narrative, but It’s because SOMEBODY wants all of that to happen. Somebody with a lot of money and lot of hatred for our country, too. It takes hatred for a vendetta of this magnitude to play out in a very long-game fashion. You see, using PR tools like creative storytelling, media and influencer relations, corporate sponsorship, content marketing, etc., IF you had the budget then you COULD get a country to start to turn on its local protectors.  You could arrange protests in full view of the cameras, pay protesters to show up and break things and use your celebrity influencers to start a national dialogue about any subject. It just takes money.

How do destroy someone’s reputation? You start ridiculing them, you debate their usefulness, you use your corporate dollars to put pressure on media outlets (or you just own them outright) to make sure every carefully crafted word of your narrative plays out EXACTLY how you want the people to see it. You make sure you’re working with corporations to produce ads supporting your narrative and play them whenever the talking heads of the news dare to take a commercial break. You want THAT level of saturation for this type of mind control to be effective.  

The good news is what can be torn down, can be rebuilt. Our police officers put their very lives on the line every single day for us. We need to be there for them right now in their hour of need.  

“We are seeing the stress levels of law enforcement going through the roof,” said Randy Sutton, a former Las Vegas police lieutenant who now leads The Wounded Blue, an organization that helps injured and disabled officers. “There has never been an atmosphere of hate, distrust, having their own political leadership turn against them, the calls for defunding, the calls for dismantling — they are feeling more under siege now than I think any time in history.”

Don’t forget that getting police officers to voluntarily quit serving us ALSO accomplishes the objective here. None of this is an accident. It was planned. It has a budget and action steps. PR and communications tools are being used to execute the plan to perfection by Antifa, BLM and the many shadowy figures behind the curtain. There is true evil behind their intent.  

What can YOU do? Start voicing YOUR support for our brave men and women in law enforcement — LOUDLY, publicly. Refuse to accept the evil narrative of defunding police departments, which begins by asking smart questions like “Are ALL police officers bad?” Here’s my retort — “Are ALL lawyers bad?”  “All doctors?”  “All PR people?” —All of any profession?  When you realize the answer is no, you understand what’s been done.

Let’s get it stopped and quickly. We all need to virtually “Hug a Cop” TODAY!