How Any Brand Can Be Interesting

UnbenanntAs I was thumbing through a digital trends report the other day, I saw a giant pull quote that was interesting. nike free It said, the single most exciting opportunity for marketers pretty much worldwide is going to be content marketing. So if you’re happily swimming in the content marketing pool right now, what they actually just said was “hey we know it’s getting crowded, but we’re going to open the gates to a few more million people…and we’re not completely sure when they used the restroom last.” (Sigh) I believe that content marketing works. It is much better to attract an audience to your message than to interrupt their lives with it. But I also believe that said “content” must be interesting in order to work and rise above the noise in a pretty distracted world. asics france With that, I want to present a few tips on how to be interesting.

  1. Be Topical/Relevant — we are a society that follows the news and we always have. nike air presto Keep up and see how your brand’s message/story can possibly tie in. But don’t force it either.
  2. Be Different — if everyone in your industry does things a certain way, says things a certain way, then go a different way. It takes guts to be different and that’s something they don’t tell you in marketing text books because when you really do it, you’re standing out there by yourself and that can be strange and uncomfortable to a society of people taught from a very young age to blend in.
  3. Be Real — I say this a lot and that’s because the marketing profession as a whole isn’t real. Still hiding behind talking points and spin, most brands lack the courage to say what they really think. I like real brands and I find them interesting. Adidas Soldes Try it.
  4. Be Useful — You know like Thomas the Tank Engine who always tried to be a “very useful engine” Well, most marketers and brands want to be “a very loud interruption.” Help people and I mean honestly set out to help people. For example, my company wants to “save communications from bad/average marketing” and my posts are meant in some small way to help do that. ugg noir Offer advice and solutions — it will change your brand’s tone for the better.
  5. Be Consistent — Don’t put out a post and leave the conversation for several months. Think of your content as building something like a big LEGO spaceship. Every post, every comment is a brick. Make sure you’re adding bricks on a consistent basis.

One final thing — your marketing message will never be as interesting as many things out there including any pet videos, especially when they dress them up like people or movie trailers or news stories about robots and artificial intelligence. You just won’t.