Five Reasons to Outsource PR in the New Year

Way Signs "Outsourcing - In-House Solutions"Well, it’s a New Year and with that comes the opportunity to look at your marketing mix and ask the age old question that plagues just about every organization on planet Earth: Does any of this junk actually work? And if so, which things are they? How do I know? And you may want to go all the way to Why Am I Here? (you know, since you’re in an existential sort-of mood). nike dynamo If you’re stymied by your marketing mix right now, it could be time to look outside your company walls for some help. With that, I present my: Five Best Reasons for Hiring a PR/Branding Firm in the New Year

  1. Expertise not found in-house – Hey, good marketing people are hard to find and really great ones can be very expensive to keep on salary. When I used to work in-house, I frequently would use consultants, freelancers and firms to get things done.
  2. Faster response to media inquiries and needs — in PR, responsiveness is key and if you already have a full plate, this one is going to fall through the cracks and you’re going to miss golden opportunities. Having a good PR firm allows you to focus on other things and leave the PR driving to us.
  3. Accountable follow-through — Man, we as a society, are busy these days and it’s astonishing to actually witness follow-through in its native habitat. It’s like catching a glimpse of a rare bird or flower. But hiring a good firm will make sure ideas aren’t just discussed, they are acted upon, followed up on and seen through.
  4. Outside perspective can be valuable — So one of the great liabilities of working in-house is exactly that. nike air presto You are in-house and over time you lose perspective. adidas pas cher femme It happens to everyone and so you need to make sure you have some eyes and ears to offer counsel and give you extremely valuable counsel about strategies, programs and ideas.
  5. More Efficient, Cost-effective — With benefits costs skyrocketing (thank you health care reform efforts), it makes even more sense to get the expertise for your company without getting stuck with the benefits tab.

For these reasons, and probably a whole lot more, it just makes sense to find a good partner firm out there to make sense of your marketing and get your brand humming again. timberland soldes Give us a call or send an e-mail for a free consultation about your company’s current brand challenges. It could be the best thing you did all year (of course, it’s only been a few days now).