Everything Most Companies Need to Know about Privacy

privacyAh….Privacy. nike air max The P word. The thing that can generate any number of emotional responses from happiness and security, to worry, fear and even rage. nike pas cher The study of privacy goes hand in hand with communications because it is ultimately a lock which could prevent message delivery or much worse. And make no mistake that people are afraid of privacy, so much so that they might make some poor decisions. adidas nmd So I thought I’d share what I consider to be everything you’ll need to know. Asics Gel lyte 3 Pas Cher

  1. Personal privacy doesn’t really exist and it hasn’t for a very long time—As I detailed in a previous blog post, privacy is a cute and sometimes necessary mental construct, but does not actually exist in our modern world. We traded it a long time ago for convenience. adidas ultra boost Sorry, but there is no going back.
  2. Privacy invasions (aka data breaches) can and will happen to any company at any time—But, it’s not the end of the world — have a strategy in place so you can communicate about it proactively and keep it close by.
  3. Make sure IT is complying with all privacy regulations especially if you or your partners collect customer data—Again, this is not rocket science and just like paying corp income taxes, every company is in the same quasi-private boat.
  4. Privacy can be a relationship killer— Please temper your company’s intense desire to communicate against the customer’s desire to only hear from you when they want. air max pas cher Remember, in today’s world, the audience is more in charge than ever, so listen well, adhere to their desires and maybe, just maybe they’ll let you in (occasionally).
  5. Don’t Pretend Privacy is Important to You — I’ve seen a million privacy statements that are fake drivel created in a lawyer’s office to make someone feel good and which the company wouldn’t need in the first place if they demonstrated any strong feelings about protecting our privacy. Be real. Most companies only care about privacy so a) they don’t get sued or b) they don’t get sued. I’d have far more respect for an approach that says — “hey, we really want to talk to you like a new puppy really wants to jump and bounce against every object, person and animal in the immediate vicinity. chaussure nike pas cher nike air max pas cher But we get that you really don’t want that so we’ll back off just enough to let you breathe, cool?” There you have it — everything you need concerning the mythological condition known as privacy.