Courageous Creativity

Pssst wanna know a secret? You are probably pretty creative. I say “probably” because I don’t know you and it’s at least possible that you’re an accountant or an actuary. air max pas cher 🙂 But barring that, I’ll bet you’re more creative than you think. Defined as “the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work,” Adobe did a survey a few years back on creativity and here in the good ol’ USA, about 52 percent of respondents described themselves as “creative.” So about half of all people would label themselves in this way. Ok, I can buy that, especially if you think of creativity ONLY in this way. nike kwazi soldes nike air max 1 I’ll submit to you that any time someone is zigging when everyone else in their space is zagging, that is creativity. In the 1990s, Amazon had a different vision for the future of buying things based on the Web and much improved supply chain logistics. asics gel lyte 5 Not super sexy, but I’ll tell you that today, you can open your mobile device, buy just about anything on there and have it at your door the next day or even the same day. adidas pas cher It’s like The Jetsons! All from a different creative path. asics nimbus And I think it’s not just the spark of a creative idea, but the guts to implement it and the discipline to see it through. It takes all of that for true creativity to manifest itself in the marketplace. Creating something from nothing is really cool, but it’s nothing without those more “common” elements. nike air max 90 femme Adidas soldes And that’s why I think you are probably pretty creative.