Buy One, Get None Free (And Like It)

confidence wordleSamsung is a pretty good consumer technology company. asics gel pas cher They make good products and have a growing reputation for innovation in smartphones and tablets. avis bottes ugg But in my opinion (my blog post after all) they are making a big branding mistake. They lack…confidence. Allow me to explain. They discount their products frequently. mu legend items online They offer their products in “buy one get one free” scenarios and they can’t wait to give extra things away with their products. asics pas cher They launch their products with little fanfare and flood the CE channel with all different models, sizes, etc. ugg noir sweaters Apple offers no discounts of any kind. chaussure adidas femme Ever. They never offer any type of special promotions like “buy one, get one free” and they make the customer feel as if they are a maybe a little bit lucky to purchase what they have. Their launches are media events, sometimes without much real news, and they carefully manage their channel to keep supply and demand in check. This is the mark of a confident brand. Adidas Yeezy adidas zx 750 pas cher A brand that starts with, “hey, our products are amazing,” and a little bit (just a little) of “we want you to buy them, but we don’t need you to.” Samsung (through its behavior) starts with “We have great products, and just wait until you see what ELSE you get — doesn’t THAT make you wanna buy from us NOW …Please?” My point is, if you truly believe you make the greatest stuff in the world, then stand by it, manage your channel and give the customer the feeling of “you are just as lucky to be able to buy this as we are to get your money for it.” 50/50. That is a strong brand. nike air max 2016 Strong brands don’t need to discount, they don’t need to offer promotions and they don’t need to be afraid…as long as they truly deliver the best stuff available. Most brands I see are…afraid. Afraid of losing the customer, so they cave. Look at your company’s brand messaging.