Be Better Than Bordinary

boring-content1Unfortunately, we see it every single day. adidas pas cher Marketing. Even the word makes us cringe. And why? Because most of it isn’t worthy of being called actual marketing. timberland femme It’s boring, ordinary, mis-targeted and/or completely uninspired. Or what I sometimes call bordinary. It’s actually that condition that gives my company a reason for existing. To combat bordinary marketing in all the places where it may hide (such as my inbox under SPAM) and do my part to fill the world with better approaches that accomplish results and maybe in some small way repair the reputation of “marketing” for the true professionals out there who still practice it. (insert patriotic music, doves, etc,) Where does bordinary marketing start? To me, it’s always the message. If the message is bad/wrong, everything is bad/wrong and it stuns me how few people realize this. The good news is, once the message is fixed, everything can be fixed and better stories can be told, reinforced and shared about the company. 2017 asics Bordinary marketing isn’t just a boring b2b problem, either (although you do see it often in these approaches). But b2c marketing can be just as bordinary. Again, it’s usually an uninspired message that is the core of the corruption. But there is hope. asics france There are good, professional branding/PR/marketing firms and consultants out there who know stuff. And there’s really no technological or logistical substitute for knowing stuff. It shines through and creates marketing approaches that are worthy of being called “marketing.” The kind that doesn’t make you shake your head and and curse its very existence. Robertson Communications works hard to be one of the good ones, and there are others who wage war daily on bordinary marketing. If you’re a business owner who “doesn’t get all this marketing stuff,” then for God’s sake, team up with someone who does.