Be Thankful for Great Marketing

As my regular readers know, my company is dedicated to saving communications from bad marketing. Oh, it’s out there in the form of interruptions to everything you’re trying to do like: answer the phone, read your email, watch a cool video of a dog dressed like a teddy bear walking on a treadmill or really any enjoyable activity that you like.

It’s everywhere and it’s awful.  But we tolerate it because, hey, that’s just the world, right.  Well, I say be thankful for the great marketing we see.  The brands that help us feel things, entertain us and enjoy the bounty of that respect for our time and our lives.

Great marketing isn’t a war with tactics and conquests, it’s a dance with your audiences and must be kept in balance at all times.  Here’s a few Robertson Rules to make any good marketing great.

Respect privacy — It’s a relationship killer and always remember there is a positive and a negative side to any communication. Choose wisely. Sometimes the right communications strategy is to shut it, listen and learn something.

Be real — in 2014, it’s not only just ok to be real, it is expected. If you have a corporate spokesperson that makes everything all “corporate-like” you are following the marketing playbook from at least a decade ago.  It’s time for some new plays, right?

When you make a mistake, admit it, apologize and move on — Man, how many brands have we seen this year step in it and then continue to dance in it until they are face down wondering what the hell just happened.

Marketing is not simply a punch-list of things to do, it’s the art and science of listening to what’s out there, learning and responding in such a way that benefits your organization.  Your punch-list just may be getting in your way of doing anything real or meaningful.

I am thankful for my business, our clients and to be a part of this great profession of marketing/PR/branding (whatever else we can throw in there).  There are still some of us out here trying to re-write the rules and save human communications from bad marketing.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! Be real with them too, even when it’s uncomfortable.