Be Careful What You Teach

junkMy company has its healthcare insurance via UnitedHealthCare or UHC or as I call them “putting the heart in HMO”. (yes, that is sarcasm). asics gel pas cher adidas superstar 80s Now, I receive no fewer than five pieces of mail each week from UHC with various scintillating bits of info that I and my team needs to do our jobs. But more often than not, it’s just junk destined to be recycled without being opened. nike air max 90 bottes timberland pas cher Why? It’s because UHC has taught me through it’s careless disregard for my right to be left alone that just about everything they send me is worthless. And I think less of the brand (if there is one) because they are wasting a ton of money on paper and postage. And I do mean wasting it. It occurs to me that many marketing departments such as UHC are out there just doing things, punching tactics off a list without any actual human thought about “so how does this help them?” or “I wonder what our customer thinks of our brand when we take this approach?” or even “why the hell are we doing this?” Any of those answers would trigger a chain reaction that would stop the onslaught of junk mail. And the same can be said of e-mail, telemarketing calls, banner ads, flyers, brochures and sponsored posts. Simply put, marketing organizations are laser focused on communicating without possibly considering that the target doesn’t want or need it. And they have taught all of us that marketing-based communications are not to be trusted and generally pretty worthless. My profession did this. And we can un-do it too. nike air max 95 Start by thinking. adidas zx flux femme I know it’s not as sexy as the latest marketing automation tools and analytics (which can be fun), but Good Lord can you see why the machines can’t be in charge? They don’t think and apparently neither do the people operating them. The difference is that we marketing-driven humans CAN think and choose not to. Stop and think about every element in your marketing mix. If it’s not good enough to be voluntarily sought out and consumed by the target audience. adidas superstar aliexpress Don’t send it. chaussure tn pour homme basket nike Start over. They deserve at least that much respect. Make it your goal to teach your customers that you will not waste their time with garbage, that you will only communicate when you have something meaningful for them and that you will stand apart from the rest of “marketing” by treating them with trust and respect. Do this and it’s just like picking up a single can or bottle on a littered playground. You’re making a small, but important, difference.